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What Is T8 LED Tube Lights

T8 LED tube light is an indoor use LED tube, the alphabet "T" means tubular, the figure 8 that follow the alphabet T describe the diameter of the LED tube, and every unit is about 3.175mm, so the T8 means the diameter is 8 times of the 3.175mm. you may notice there are also T4, T5, T8, T9 and T10 LED tube lights, the difference is their tube diameters, among all these LED tubes, the T8 and T9 are most commonly seen.

Usually there are Frosted T8 LED tubes and Clear T8 LED tubes, previously we have talked about the diameter of tubes, all T8 LED tubes are same tube diameter, but their length could be different. Often we can see 1.2meters LED tube T8 with 18W, 1.5meters with 24W, 0.6meters with 10W and 0.9meters with 15W. All the length can be custom made and even the same length, they could be different based on the quantity of the lighting source inside the LED tube.

T8 LED tube lights are much better than fluorescent lamp, because LED tubes are much less attenuation, if you use them for several month and then compare, you will find the difference, the LED T8 tubes will seem lighter than fluorescent lights. So now more and more LED tubes T8 lights are used in home lighting, office lighting and store lightings.

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