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Waterproof LED strip lights in business signage are placed on the outside of a brick and mortar business to point the way to the best pizza in town, the best hardware store or the best barber.  Since these signs must withstand the elements of snow, rain, fog and dew, it is important that they are waterproof.

There are 5 reasons that business signs equipped with LED lights offer the best value to the business owner.

Energy Efficient
When LED-powered lights are used, nearly all of the power is directed toward providing light rather than heat.  Since business signs burn several hours of the night, illumination is very important.  The waterproof LED strip lights surrounding the business sign are not only brighter than the average, they also saves the owner money because of reduced energy usage.

Low Maintenance and Replacement Costs
LED lights last nearly 10 times longer than other types because they burn cooler, prolonging the life of the bulbs.  Long life means less maintenance and replacement happens less often.  Initial costs are higher than others, but you save much more than you pay.

Choice of colors
If you really want to bring attention to your signs, you may opt for red, green and blue (RGB) changeable lighting.  These colors are also good to use during the holidays to add festivity to your outdoor Christmas decorations.  You can also choose solid colors that enhance your outside store colors.  Plain white lights in cool or warm are another option to bring attention to your outdoor signage.

Low in Cost
Your initial investment for LED-powered lighting may appear to be more than you can afford.  However, when you discover that you’ll have very little maintenance or replacement costs, you’ll appreciate the fact that you’ll pay only one time to enjoy years of worry-free lighting for your business.

Do-it-yourself Signs
Many business owners decide to purchase outdoor signs and frames with waterproof LED strip lights already installed, but if you’re at all handy with just the basic tools, you can easily custom-make your own signs.

Your creativity will shine while you complete a project in only a few hours over a weekend.  You decide how large you want your sign, what materials you want to use and what message you want to display.  The light strip is customized by cutting it to the length you need.  You’ll love the results because you have the exact outdoor sign you want and you’ll save money making it yourself.

This article has shown you, the business owner, how you can take advantage of the many benefits of using waterproof LED strip lights in your outdoor signs.  This type of lighting is energy-efficient with low maintenance and replacement costs.  You’re not limited in using white lights, but nearly every solid color and changeable colors for extra impact are also available.

The initial investment is higher than other types of signs, but you’ll recoup your investment because of the longevity and energy savings of LED lights.  You can save even more by creating your own signs to display a personalized message to your customers.

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