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SMD 5050 LED Strips

An SMD 5050 LED strip is a lighting source with LED bulbs mounted and soldered protectively onto a circuit board. An LED strip is the term generally used for surface-mounted light emitting diodes. These LEDs are pretty small in size since they have no leads - in fact they are so small that SMD light emitting diodes are handled by automated assembly equipment rather than humans. They also have a considerably wide viewing angle since they lack the standard epoxy enclosure of LEDs that centers the beams.

What is an SMD 5050 LED strip?

SMD 5050 LED strips are surface mounted LED bands that have chips with dimensions of 5.0mm x 5.0mm. They have three LED chips in a single housing, which are sometimes called a “tri-chip”. SMD 5050 LED chips are much brighter than their 3528 LED chip counterparts. They are normally used when a person needs a lot of illumination for a project area, especially when RGB color changing lighting is required.

Theoretically, these strips are capable of producing an output that is 3 times that of a 3528 strip. This makes SMD 5050 LEDs suitable for lighting up areas that are subjected to considerably high levels of ambient light. Since these lights are limited due to their smaller size, a strip of 5050 LEDs might not offer all of the lighting needed for larger areas. Quite often you'll see these lights used for decorative purposes and not for the function of actual lighting itself.

These SMD lights produce more heat when compared to other smaller chips, but they are still relatively cool. SMD 5050 LEDs are capable of combining three different chips inside a single housing in order to create a wide variety of colors. While these light strips can be used in single color applications, it is fun and exciting to use them for multi-lighting purposes.

Important features of SMD 5050 LED light strips

    Long life

    Ultra bright LEDs

    Voltage available: 12v DC

    Easy installation

    Amazing color diversity

    High brightness levels

    Low power consumption and high energy-efficiency

    Convenient and safe to use

    Waterproof lights available

    Operating temperature is from 20° to 50 °

    Life span is more than 50,000 hours

    Adhesive back (you just need to peel it and stick the lights to the surface)

    Dedicated controller – DC12

    Power: 0.24Watts per pearl

The difference between a SMD 3528 and a SMD 5050

When you choose SMD 5050 strips you'll get a brighter light with a high-performance level and more color options than you would with a 3528 strip. The 5050 units they are available as RGB color changing types or in single colors. With the RGB 5050 lighting sources you'll need to an extra control unit that offers a mode for multi-colors and different color combinations.

The SMD 5050 is approximately 3 times brighter than the SMD 3528 strip. In some conditions it can be used to replace fluorescent traditional lighting tubes when more light is needed. Both the 5050 and the 3528 SMD lights are supplied usually in a 5 m real with the 3528 lights offering 5 W per meter and the 5050 using 7.5 W per meter. There are also some manufacturers that offer their customers 5050 LED ultra white strips that have the potential to emit 720 lm per meter. These ultra white LEDs use the power of 14.5 W per meter and can be quite bright!

Applications of use for SMD 5050 LED strips

    Indoor and outdoor displays

    Signal indication

    Symbol indication

    Amusement machines

    Automobile interior lighting and designing

    LCD backlighting

    Can be used for general lighting in small areas

    Illuminate advertisements

    Room lighting

    Concealed lights

    Channel and sign letters

    Placed on equipment

    Small area back lighting

    Indirect accent décor lighting

    Decorate contours

    Under-counter lights

    A perfect substitute for neon lights

In most cases you'll be better off using an SMD 5050 lighting strip when viewed from a cost perspective. These lights cost less to operate per lumen than their 3528 counterparts. While the 3528 LED strip is usually enough power and light for normal residential use, an SMD 5050 LED strip would be the best choice if you are interested in more lighting or extra RGB color settings. Your decision should be based entirely on your personal lighting needs.

Some manufacturers have made surface mount light emitting diode solutions by joining them with a small circuit board, a resistor, cable and a lens to give bright, amazing LED light that is capable of running on just 12v. This gives you the option of mounting these lights virtually anywhere. Some people are even attaching them to their bicycles or motorcycles for an exciting visual display of light. When you're looking

for something that will add a unique look and spice up just about anything, an LED strip may be exactly what you're looking for.

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