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We are dimmable LED panel lights China manufacturer and supplier, our LED panel light products are with different size and lamp flux, typical types are rectangle shape LED lights panel,300x300-18W, 300x300-36W, 300X600-RGB, 300x600-18W, 300x300-36W, 300X600-RGB, 300X1200-36W, 300X1200-50W, 300X1200-72W, 300X1200-RGB, 600x600-36W, 600x600-50W, 600x600-72W, 600x600-RGB, 600X1200-72W, 600x1200-RGB, round shape LED panel lights ,D180-5W, D180-10W. We not only provide standard size as mentioned above, we are able to make custom size panel LED lights at the request.

Our LED panel lights are dimmable from 0 to 100%, it is low power consumption and high lighting efficiency, their typical lifespan is around 50,000 hours, input power that makes the LED panel lights work can be 100-240V AC or 24V DC. Three colors optional is pure white, warm white and cold white, RGB types are available. The LED panel lights body is very slim- about 14mm thickness. We control the products quality strictly and our LED panel lights are all CE compliant and RoHS compliant. The high quality SMD LED light sources ensure the high quality lighting. All the panel LED lights are optionally dimmable.

Whether you are looking for standard size or custom size LED panel lights, here we can give you the correct solution and products, our LED panel lights are low cost and high quality, they are ideal to use on ceilings or walls, they are neat and beautiful, the LED lights panels can fit perfectly with the indoor lighting environment.

led panel 300mm-300mm-18W LED Panel Lights
300mm-300mm-18W LED panel lights with advanced technologies and excellent quality, our LED lights panels are first choice of the energy saving lightings, they are high brightness and long lifetime.
led panel 300mm-300mm-36W LED Panel Lights
300mm-300mm-36W LED panel lights suit for commercial lighting environment, simple installation and easy to use, our LED lights panels are different types to meet customers' needs.
led panel 300mm-300mm-RGB LED Panel Lights
300mm-300mm-RGB LED panel lights from LEDlightscom Limited, we have many years' experience making the LED lights panels, we pursue good quality and reputation, our company is one of the leading suppliers in the LED lighting field in China.
led panel 300mm-600mm-18W LED Panel Lights
300mm-600mm-18W LED panel lights is a type of beautiful and high standard indoor lighting product, it looks neat and simple but with good lighting effect as well as provide people a comfortable and relaxed feeling.
led panel 300mm-600mm-36W LED Panel Lights
we make and sell the300mm-600mm-36W LED panel lights for home lighting and commercial lighting applications, LEDlightscom Limited provide you with wholesale prices and highly reliable LED lights panels.
led panel 300mm-600mm-RGB LED Panel Lights
Get 300mm-600mm-RGB LED panel lights from the direct manufacturer and supplier, save you the money and time, with worldwide fast shipping to your door. LEDlightscom Limited is professional supplier of the 300mm-600mm-RGB LED panel lights.
led panel 300mm-1200mm-36W LED Panel Lights
300mm-1200mm-36W LED panel lights is a thin and low carbon lights designed to replace the current traditional lights panel, the LED lights are more economic and much longer life time, LEDlightscom Limited is specialized LED lights panels manufacturer.
led panel 300mm-1200mm-50W LED Panel Lights
300mm-1200mm-50W LED panel lights from LEDlightscom Limited meet the international quality standards, they have reasonable prices and high quality beyond the users expectations. Buy the LED lights panels from us and enjoy the quality and service.
led panel 300mm-1200mm-72W LED Panel Lights
300mm-1200mm-72W LED panel lights specs, prices from the China manufacturer and supplier, LEDlightscom Limited LED lights panel features the low prices, fast delivery, wide products range and excellent quality.
led panel 300mm-1200mm-RGB LED Panel Lights
300mm-1200mm-RGB LED panel lights with short lead time and guaranteed quality, our LED lights panel are with fast international shipping to customers, OEM/ODM lights are available, we can make generic labels or specific labels lights as request.
led panel 600mm-600mm-36W LED Panel Lights
600mm-600mm-36W LED panel lights can be replacement for traditional fluorescent lights inside rooms, it cost much lower than traditional lighting panels and you do not need worry about environmental friendly or not, they are "green lights" and no harm to users, and cost effective.
led panel 600mm-600mm-50W LED Panel Lights
600mm-600mm-50W LED panel lights are wonderful lighting devices, with effective cool operation, low power used and absolutely good prices. with user friendly design, these LED lights panels are quick set up and maintenance.
led panel 600mm-600mm-72W LED Panel Lights
600mm-600mm-72W LED panel lights wholesale prices from direct China manufacturer, we have rich experience in LED lightings and these LED lights panel are our mature products, they are highly recommended LED lights used in ceilings and walls.
led panel 600mm-600mm-RGB LED Panel Lights
600mm-600mm-RGB LED panel lights meet the trend for environment protection and energy saving, this LED light panel give out no hazardous gases and no mercury, you can safely use them in rooms and offices. Choose the low cost and high quality LED panels lights from direct China supplier.
led panel 600mm-1200mm-72W LED Panel Lights
We are professional 600mm-1200mm-72W LED panel lights manufacturer, buy the LED panel lights from us can save you the cost and ensure you get the quality products, strong tech support and after sales services.
led panel 600mm-1200mm-RGB LED Panel Lights
600mm-1200mm-RGB LED panel lights are without infrared rays or harmful radiation. It is a typical used ceiling LED lights, these LED lights panel are with good quality SMD LED lighting sources. LEDlightscom Limited is professional supplier of the LED panels.
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