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LED downlights is used for indoor lighting, these LED lamps usually are integrated with the decoration of the rooms, and they give out soft and uniform light. LED downlights is used in offices, hotels, café and shopping malls.

There are several advantages of the LED downlights, first, they are usually installation inside the decorations, and the light is warm and fragrant. Second, the LED down lamps are low power consumption, they could use only a quarter of traditional light for the same lighting effect. Third, the LED downlights does not contain harmful materials thus do not pollute the environment or affect users’ health. Forth, the LED downlights are very long lifetime, theoretically it can work for 50,000 hours.

led downlight 4 inches 9w LED downlight
the 9W LED downlight is with 860lm flux, our LED downlights are superior not only because of our strict quality control and good raw materials, but it is also because of our research and development team's successful design.
led downlight 4 inches 12w LED downlight
12W LED downlights are with 860lm flux, along with the years of development, our LED downlights are very mature products that are with competitive prices and reliable quality.
led downlight 6 inches 14w LED downlight
14W LED downlights are with 1000lm flux, we are manufacturing factory providing best quality and cost effective LED downlights, based on our strict quality control and excellent products quality, our company is one of the known LED lamp suppliers in the industry.
led downlight 6 inches 18w LED downlight
We are manufacture of the 18W LED downlights, these lights are usually used in café, bars and shopping malls, they help create soft and comfortable feeling to the people. these lamps are compact and does not take much space.
led downlight 8 inches 22w LED downlight
22W LED downlights is with 1600lm flux, it utilize famous brand lighting sources and raw materials, combined with our advanced equipment, strict quality control and worker skills, these LED downlights are reliable and stable to use.
led downlight 8 inches 26W LED downlight
26W LED downlights are with 1850lm flux, it adopt CREE LED lighting source, our LED downlights are with modern design with different light source options, these LED lamps helps create comfortable lighting environment.
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