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LED ceiling lights are with high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy structure, these lamps are widely used in commercial lighting applications, there are various kinds of the ceiling LED lamps with different light sources numbers and light power, this depend on the requirement of brightness and lighting height.

LED ceiling lights are used in car shows, diamond shops and other professional commercial lighting fields, to replace the tungsten halogen lamps and metal halide lamps. LED ceiling light is compact size and highly lighting efficiency, the long working lifespan and low power consumptions make them popular choices for ceiling illumination.

led ceiling lights 3W LED ceiling light
3W LED ceiling light use 3pieces 1W LED light source, its flux is 200lm, we have a wide range of LED ceiling lights to use for different brightness, lighting distance and installation width.
led ceiling lights 5W LED ceiling light
5W LED ceiling lights are each with 5pieces 1W light source, its total flux is 300lm, our LED ceiling lights are designed according to different users' needs, based on user age and places, there are various ceiling lights to be used.
led ceiling lights 7W LED ceiling light
7W LED ceiling light is with 450lm flux, it use 7 pieces of the 1W LED lighting source, this LED ceiling light is fast reaction and high brightness even low voltage and electricity, it is low power consumption too.
led ceiling lights 9W LED ceiling light
9W LED ceiling light use 9 pieces of 1W lighting source, and it is with 550lm flux, the LED ceiling lights are long lifetime and they contains no harmful components, when they work, the light will not contain infrared rays or ultraviolet rays, which is good to users.
led ceiling lights 12W LED ceiling light
12W LED ceiling lights are with 12 pieces of the 1W light source, its flux is 750lm, the LED ceiling lights have wide applications such as in hotels, hospitals and shopping markets, they can be used as decoration lights for indoor.
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