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LED candle light got its name because its shape looks like the candle with flame. The LED candle light usually is with soft yellow lighting effect, it is mainly used to foil the atmosphere. These lamps do not contain heavy metals and will not be harmful to our environment. When it is turned on, it will not attract mosquitos and other insects.

LED candle lights power consumption is very low and theoretically the lifetime can be more than 100,000 hours, which means the users will not need worry about replacement or maintenance. With the LED candle lights cost going down and lighting efficiency improved, it is more and more accepted and used in homes.

LED Candle lights 3W LED candle lights
3W LED candle lights use high quality raw materials and reliable key components, they are colorful and energy saving. the LED lights can be used in many environment, it is low heat and no safety problems for fire or to the children, it will not cause pollution and is the real green lighting products.
LED Candle lights 5W LED candle lights
We are manufacturer of 5W LED candle lights, we have the advanced research lab and we have world class quality management system and professional team, we are one of the leading companies in China that has the ability to inspect both the LED lights and the lighting sources.
LED Candle lights 7W LED candle lights
7W LED candle lights is one of the popular used LED lamps, we provide high quality LED candle lights that beyond the industrial standards requirement, we design and make a series of LED candles lights for indoor illuminations, such in homes, bars and café.
LED Candle lights 9W LED candle lights
We are professional 9W LED candle lights manufacturer, we are one of the leading exporter and supplier of LED candle lights in China, we are dedicated to providing the world with safe, environment-friendly, easy to use and cost effective LED lights.
LED Candle lights 12W LED candle lights
12W LED candle lights can replace the traditional lamps, the LED lights could save up to 90% energy, we develop the candle LED lights and equipment, we have experienced specialists to deal with LED lights illumination solutions and projects.
LED Candle lights 15W LED candle lights
The 15W LED candle lights got the name because of its shape, it looks like the candle flame and with soft and comfortable lights, our LED lights are RoHS compliant and user-friendly, they are easy to use and can save much energy compared with traditional electric lamps.
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