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There are only two options when it comes to LED lighting: the first is to hand over a few hundred dollars for a factory-made one-size-fits-all LED panel and the second is to build a diy led panel for less than $50. Many people choose to spend the money on the factory-made model and end up loving the results, but many customers complain of the lack of size variations and lumens when it comes to the store-bought panels. The solution is simple: build your own.

Constructing the frame

You may be intimidated by the mere thought of having to construct your own LED panel, but it isn’t as challenging as you may think. To construct your diy LED panel you will first need to construct the frame in which the LED lights will rest. This process is made simple by utilizing PVC pipe and four T-connectors. Cut the PVC pipe to your desired size. Once you’ve cut the PVC to this specific size then you simple have to connect the four pieces with the T-connectors, which forms a square or rectangle depending on the lengths that you have cut the PVC. This PVC square or rectangle will act as the frame for the panel.

Adding the backdrop

Once you have your sturdy PVC frame put together, it is now time to build the backdrop for the LED lights to actually sit in. For this part of the project, you will need to have three rolls of electrical tape by your side. To get started you will first wrap the electrical tape vertically, from the top PVC pipe to the bottom. Repeat this until the entire frame is covered from one side to the other. Then, you'll need to flip the PVC frame the other way and begin the same process of constructing the backdrop. Once you have covered the frame entirely from both directions you should begin to see your panel coming together.

Inserting the bulbs

After constructing the frame and backdrop for your diy LED panel, you will now need to add the LED lights themselves. The easiest way to insert the LED bulbs into the backdrop is to use a pair of scissors or a pen to poke a pilot hole through the electrical tape backdrop. Once the pilot hole is made then it is time to insert the LED bulbs themselves. Simply push the bulbs through the pilot hole so that they fit snugly. Repeat this process until you have filled the electrical tape backdrop with the desired amount of LED bulbs.

Covering the wiring

The next step after inserting the bulbs is to cover the excess wiring on the back of the panel. This is easily done by repeating the process of wrapping the duct tape from the top PVC pipe to the bottom until the wiring is covered completely. Now, you’re almost done with the construction portion!

Let the lighting begin

The last step is perhaps the least complicated but definitely the most satisfying, and that is turning your diy LED panel on! If you have selected LED bulbs that are powered by a wall socket then you simply plug it all in after checking that everything is safe. If you have LED bulbs that are battery powered then you will have to create a place on your panel for a battery. The easiest solution is to simply utilize your trusty electrical tape to secure the battery pack to the PVC frame itself. If you’re inclined to take it a step further you could always fashion a battery housing to connect to the outside of the panel. Either way you now have a beautiful LED panel for under $50, which is a lot better than shelling out $200 for a panel that doesn’t meet your needs.

Making a diy LED panel does require some extra time and effort, but if you really need something different that hasn't previously been manufactured, it's worth the work. If you aren't handy working with electronics, there are plenty of individuals available that would be willing to take on this type of small project for you. A lot of the handymen that you see placing ads on the classified advertising sites on the Internet would be able to do such a project. Most handymen have been exposed to working with electrical circuits in some form or another and would be able to follow simple directions to get the customized LED panel ready for you.

You can even find diy plans on the Internet that may meet your needs. With all of the new LED lighting options available, there are a lot of people that need a customized diy LED panel constructed and are willing to share their plans for making one with others online. If you are at all handy, however, try making one on your own. The worst that can happen is you run into difficulty and have to call in somebody to help you finish the project or to show you the correct path to follow.

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